Orthomosaic Mapping

Drone Orthomosaic Mapping

Accurate measurements and interactive mapping

Get Updated Views of Large Areas of Land

Most people who request orthomisaic maps will want to obtain accurate and exhaustive data about an area. We use our expertise and experience to provide you with detailed and updated views of large areas of land. Whether you are taking on a new construction project, have completed a development project, or simply want to know the condition of the landscape, we will be happy to help. Real estate agents can use these photographs to determine whether a property is fit for their needs

By providing you with updated views of your construction site regularly, our orthomosaic maps will benefit your construction firm in many ways. Because the images are adjusted for camera tilt, lens distortion, and topographical relief, they are usually more accurate. As such, you can use the photographs to measure distance, volume, and area, making it easy to estimate material costs and calculate the volume of stockpiles.

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Orthomosaic Mapping Uses

Our services are ideally suited for these uses:

Perform Inspections

Over time, properties will change due to damages, exposure to weather elements, and the effects of wear and tear. Our highly-trained and licensed drone pilots will provide you with detailed images and up-to-date information on your structure's condition. Orthomosaics provide a safe and cost-effective way to carry out regular inspections.

Mapping Otherwise Inaccessible Areas

Unlike traditional techniques, a drone can take off and fly almost anywhere. When you request our services, you will be able to obtain aerial images of otherwise inaccessible areas. Whether you require detailed views of an area with steep slopes, harsh terrain, or unfriendly weather conditions, our skilled photographers will use the right equipment to capture the data you need.

Construction Planning

In construction, team members will need to share information amongst themselves for the project to carry on seamlessly. Orthmosaic maps make it easy for the project management team to get updates on progress as the construction site keeps changing. Our aerial photographers will take images of the building from different angles so you can see the various parts of the structure under construction. This will enable you to plan properly at every stage of the construction work.

Obtain Valuable Mapping Info

Orthomosaic maps can provide you with the information you need in order to make decisions. However, when looking for orthomosaic mapping solutions, it is important to work with a professional company. At Leading Edge Drones, we will ensure that the aerial photographs are taken safely and help you save both time and money.

Get Valuable Inisights

Partner with Leading Edge Drones to perform orthomosaic mapping at your location, and gain valuable analytics and information on your area. This is a revolutionary product that is extremely helpful to any city planning, architect, construction site, or commercial location.


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