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Drone Photography

We'll capture incredible photography of your project to inspire and wow your audience.

Commercial Services

Whether you are looking for real estate photography, building inspections, or 3D modeling, our drone services are perfect for you.

Certified Pilots

At Leading Edge Drones, our staff is fully certified as UAV Pilots, so you can count on the quality of our work.

Experienced Consultations

We've been working with the local Orlando area for years, and we will provide advice for making your project stand out.

Customized Projects

We approach every drone project as unique and we are happy to work with you on add-ons or outside the box ideas to help highlight your surroundings.

Support Local!

Our owner Drew Tanski has worked in the hospitality industry in Florida for over 20 years, so you can feel good about helping a local company.

Full-Service Real Estate Photography

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Aerial and Exterior Photography

Leading Edge Drones will come to your property prepared for a full-service exterior photoshoot using professional photography and drones.

It's easy to stand out against competing real estate agents or listings with spectacular aerial photography. You'll capture the eyes of your potential sellers more often and faster with our packages.

3D Virtual Tour and Floor Plans

One service that can be a huge differentiator for your listing is our virtual tours and floor plan offers. Using iGuide technology, we'll map out the layout of your commercial space or residential home so buyers can visit the house without even seeing it in person.

Interior Photography

Capture the inside of your property with our professional photography packages. Our team will deliver high-quality imagery that is suited to your space.

There's no better way to highlight your property's large master bathroom or magnificient grand entrance than with a professional photography package from Leading Edge Drones.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial spaces often have more grandeur than a residential home, so it's important that you have stunning photography and videography to highlight the entire commercial complex. Contact us today to get started with your project!


Photography and Other Florida Drone Services

Allow our drones to capture your ideal aerial scenery, whether it be a location, landscape, or marketing. Our professionally edited photographs/videos are the perfect way to enhance your vision and share it with the public.

Our photography packages are perfect for:

  • Marketing your business

  • Commercial use for business locations

  • Landscape, beach, or ocean aerial photography

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Initial Consultation

We'll set up a call or meeting to discuss your project and come up with a plan.



Schedule Your Shoot

After agreeing on details, a pilot will be at your location to capture your setting.


Content Delivery

You'll receive your fully edited images and videos promptly following the shoot.

Local Photography and Videography Experts

Leading Edge Drones owner Drew Tanski has worked in the Florida hospitality industry for over 20 years. As an Orlando photography expert, he will be there for your project whether it is for construction, real estate, commercial, or personal.

As a local small business, we have the custom solutions and unique packages to ensure you are getting a stunning set of images and videos every time you work with us. We'll provide quick turnaround times so you can move forward with the rest of your business or personal passion.

Florida Drone Services Showcase

Our Most Popular Industries

Leading Edge Drones offers full service Orlando aerial drone photography and videography to a plethora of industries.

Although these are our most popular requests, this is not a complete list of our services. Schedule a consultation with us to see how we can tailor our services to best suit your specific needs.

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Residential Drone Photography

An aerial view of your home or listing is the best way to showcase its landscaping, lot size, and roof condition. Find out more about our full suite of aerial drone photography services.

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Commercial Drone Photography

Commercial aerial photography is ideal for basic inspections or promotional photoshoots. Whether you have a small office or a skyscraper, our commercial surveying services will work for you.

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Drone Construction Inspection

Aerial drone photography is often helpful for construction teams. Our drones take high-quality aerial photos and videos for inspections as well as building surveys.

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Drones for Roof Inspection

Our drone roof inspection business is great for surveying your roof quality. This is accomplished via 4k ultra-high-definition aerial photography and videography.


Marina and Ocean Drone Photography

Our marina and ocean aerial photography is perfect for showcasing the beautiful Florida views. Whether your needs are onshore or offshore, we have the package for you.

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Residential Community Photography

Whether your community appeals to families, young professionals, or retirees, our residential aerial photography is an excellent way to highlight your residential community.

About the Owner


Drew Tanski has worked in the Florida hospitality industry for 25 years. He is a certified remote UAV Pilot and has vast experience creating engaging content through drone inspection, photography and videography. With a long career in hotels, Drew recognizes and values the importance of providing unforgettable experiences for clients and events.

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