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Wondering what applications our drones are typically used for? Check out the industries we work with below.

Residential Real Estate

Interior and exterior photography available

Photographs are a great way for potential buyers to view a home on the web, especially for long-distance buyers. Aerial drone photography makes it easy to snap photographs of a home from angles that were nearly impossible to capture in the past.

We pride ourselves at being one of the best aerial photography Florida has to offer, making it easy to create residential real estate listings that go above and beyond the competition.

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Residential Communities

Condos, aparments, and neighborhoods

Traditional photography simply doesn’t do residential communities justice, especially not when it comes to showing the size and scale of the community. With drone photography, you can capture every aspect of your condo, apartment building, resort or retirement community.

These aerial photographs help show off all the best aspects of your community, including amenities like pools, parks and gyms.

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Roofing Inspections

Structural integrity in high detail

Give your clients a complete look at all the roofing products and services you offer with aerial photography. Accurately capturing the details of a roof is nearly impossible from the ground, but drone photography makes it easy to get the best angle to show off your roofing. You can even create engaging videos to give an in-depth explanation of the roof you’re displaying.

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In progress or just starting out

Staying on schedule is an important part of successful construction projects, and drone photography makes it easy. We can provide an eye in the sky to allow you to see the progress of a project from above at any time. This makes it easy to stay on top of your project, plan locations for various components and promote the project you’re working on.

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Commercial Real Estate

Malls, hotels, medical center, high rise buildings

With the size of many commercial properties and buildings, traditional cameras aren’t very effective when it comes to real estate photography. Aerial photography allows you to capture larger commercial properties in great detail for prospective buyers or leasers.

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Marina Photography

Showcase your land and your water

Giving people a detailed look at your beautiful waterfront marina is easy with drone photography. We can find the perfect angle to capture as much of your marina as possible, whether you’re showing off new construction or trying to convey the size of a marina to potential customers.

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