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Hospital and Hotel- Drone Videos and Photography

Stunning videos and aerial photography to capture your hospitality space

Help Your Hospitality Property Stand Out

Whether you are marketing for your hotel, apartment complex, stadium, or event center, there’s no better way to highlight the grandeur of your location than with our hospitality aerial photography.

Check out one of our shoots down below that we did in the Orlando area, and contact us to set up your consultation.

Why Partner with Leading Edge

When using our drones for hospitality videograph and photography, you’ll benefit from our full service offering.

Full Service Packages

Do you want to capture your hotel or apartment complex? Then partner with Leading Edge Drones. You’ll enjoy an all-encompassing shoot that showcases every piece of your property.

Professional Delivery

When we capture your hospitality complex, you’ll be delivered fully edited pictures in stunning HD. There’s no better way to put your hotel or event center on display for stakeholders and customers.

Hotel Photography Experts

Leading Edge Drones has been using drones for hotel photography in Orlando for years, and we are experts at capturing the iconic highrises and hospitality complexes in Orlando.

Quick Turnaround

We treat our photoshoot days like the Super Bowl of our business. This means that our staff comes fully prepared to your construction project, which leads to faster delivery times in the long run.

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