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Aerial photography to capture your project

Drone Photography Projects in Florida

Now is the perfect time to partner with Leading Edge Drones! We are here to help with any of your commercial or residential needs. Whether it be general Orlando aerial photography or a specific setting that you are looking to represent, our drones can capture your setting perfectly.

Allow our drones to capture your ideal aerial scenery, whether it be a location, landscape, or marketing. Our professionally edited photographs/videos are the perfect way to enhance your vision and share it with the public.

Our photography packages are perfect for:

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Florida Drone Photography Projects

Our services are ideally suited for these uses:

Real Estate

We use our drones to capture exceptional aerial drone photography of your community, house, or landscape. This is the ideal service for those looking to add a little something extra to their house listing.

Aerial Surveys

The best way to capture an area from the sky is with an an aerial drone survey. We use our photography tools to help you measure, evaluate, and record all necessary aspects of your survey setting.


Is it time to take a closer look at your roof? Using high-quality imagery, our drones will focus in on any damage that may be present, while also conducting an aerial survey of your roof.

3D Modeling

Our services are designed to highlight features, structures and areas of interest on the property so you can visualize the structure. The 3D models we deliver will also provide you with high-quality data.


Put Your Property or Project On Display

Showcase your location to potential buyers or clients with incredible drone photography and videography. Show off its features, highlights, and environment. We’ll capture images of your office, home, commercial space, or construction project to ensure your positives are on full display.

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