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About Our Drone Company in Orlando, FL

Leading the way for drone services in the state of Florida

Certified Remote UAV Pilots

The last thing that you want is a non-professional drone pilot coming to your commercial building or real estate location. We understand fully the need to act with professionalism and a high level of knowledge for your project.

To fly your drone or small aircraft anywhere in the United States, a Federal Aviation Administration certification is required to demonstrate experience, compliance, and safety. Our pilots are all FAA certified, so you know that we are complying with all drone procedures and regulations.


One of the Top Drone Companies Florida

At Leading Edge Drones, we are passionate about providing a different perspective geared toward simple solutions. We know that you have options for your drone services, and we strive to create long-term partnerships so that we can collaborate on all your projects.

Our Approach

Drew Tanski – Owner/Drone Operator

Service Oriented, Certified Remote UAV Pilot Ready to Create and Deliver Customized Content

Drew Tanski has been serving the Orlando area with his drone photography, mapping, and videography for years. He excels in creating custom packages for any type of project. Drew’s vision is to deliver simplified, modern solutions to key stakeholders and he is at the helm of a customer-service first perspective for Leading Edge Drones.

Drew has been working in the hospitality industry across Florida and the United States for over 20 years. With a long career in hotels, Drew recognizes and values the importance of providing unforgettable experiences for clients and events.

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