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Residential Community Photography

Showcase amenities and expanse with drone photography

The Perfect Photography For Any Community

Our aerial photography is ideal for any residential community including retirement living, condo building, apartment complex, or family community. We know that with our residential community photography, your amenities such as pools, topiary, security, recreational structurals, and clubhouses will stand out to potential buyers.


Why Partner with Leading Edge

When using our drones for residential communies, you'll enjoy the following:

Customized Project

No two residential communities are the same, and we are prepared to consult with you on the specific features you want to showcase. In our initial call, we'll talk through all the areas of your community and offer you suggestions on highlighting each one.

High Quality Imagery

When we capture your construction site or small project, you'll be delivered fully edited pictures in stunning HD. There's no better way to showcase your residential community and impress residents and buyers alike.

Residential Photography Experts

Leading Edge Drones has been using drones for residential photography for years. We know how to showcase the amenities of your area and the overall size of the neighborhood from above.

Quick Turnaround

We treat our photoshoot days like the Super Bowl of our business. This means that our staff comes fully prepared to your construction project, which leads to faster delivery times in the long run.

Highlight All Your Community Benefits

Traditional photography simply doesn't do residential communities justice, especially not when it comes to showing the size and scale of the community. With drone photography, you can capture every aspect of your condo, apartment building, resort or retirement community.

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  • Show Off Amenities

    Often, amenities such as pools and parks are what drive people to choose one apartment or resort over another. Drone photography makes capturing every detail of your apartment community easy, so prospective residents can see exactly what you have to offer. Aerial photos also give residents a reference point for how far away they can expect those amenities to be from their residence.

  • Put Privacy First

    One of the big benefits to certain residential communities is the privacy they offer. If your apartment complex, retirement community or resort has fields of grass or thick tree lines providing privacy and separation from neighboring homes and residential communities, you can capture the privacy of your community with a drone photo or video.

  • An In-Depth Look

    It can be hard to get a perspective of how a home or apartment will look and feel from traditional photos. Drone videos allow you to put every aspect of your apartment, condominiums or gated community on display, so potential residents can get an in-depth look and understand what it would be like to live there. From the location of garbage and recycling facilities to all the amenities, drone photography makes showcasing your community simple.

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