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Professional photography for marketing materials and digital assets

Modernize and Showcase Your Location

Before drone technology, real estate photography was handled by standard cameras on the ground or expensive helicopter camera crews. Drone photography makes it easy to capture stunning views for your commercial real estate listing so you don’t have to worry about your listing going unnoticed.

Why Partner with Leading Edge

When using our drones for commercial projects, you’ll benefit from the following:

High-Quality Deliverables

Quality is important when it comes to photos and videos for real estate listings. Our drones can capture high-resolution photos and 4K UHD video, so everyone who views your listing gets a good look at everything your property has to offer.

Professional Touch

We make it easy to get the most out of your commercial real estate listing. We can tailor your photos and videos to your exact needs, plus our fast turnaround time means it’s easy to stay on track. Best of all, our professionals know exactly how to capture the perfect shots of your commercial property.

Commercial Photography Experts

Our owner, Drew Tanski, has been working in the Orlando hospitality industry for decades. If there’s one thing that Leading Edge Drones has mastered, it’s how to highlight a commercial building for stakeholders and customers alike.

Easy Process

Drone photography makes it easy to take care of the entire commercial real estate listing process. Scheduling an appointment for us to take photos is easy, plus you can customize your session to your needs. We’ll even take care of the editing so you can simply add the photos and videos to your MLS listing.


Helping Your Location Stand Out

Showcase the immense structure of your location or highlight the intricate details that make your business shine with our Orlando commercial drone photography packages.

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