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Commercial Drone Photography

Commercial Aerial Drone Photography in Florida

Get a different perspective on your listing or project with our commercial drone services.

Projects Surrounding Commercial Drone Photography in Florida

Looking to catch your viewers’ attention and make a difference with your marketing materials? Now is the perfect time to get started with a free consultation!

At Leading Edge Drones, we offer more commercial drone services than just Orlando commercial drone photography. We have a wide variety of services including commercial surveys, videography for events, and much more!

Our commercial photography packages are perfect for:

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Commercial Florida Drone Services

Our services are ideally suited for these uses:

Commercial Drone Photography

We use our drones to capture aerial drone photography of your listing, project, landscape, or other areas. Our commercial drone photography is well respected across Orlando.

Drone Videography

Do you want your watchers to pay attention to your site or marketing? Using 4k UHD videography, our drones will record videos to showcase your property. We handle all editing so our service is hassle-free!

Aerial Drone Surveying

The best way to photograph an area from above is with an aerial drone survey. We use our photography tools to help you take in all the surroundings of your project.

Commercial Inspections

Is it time to take a closer look at your building structure? Our drones can capture all aspects of your roof, bridge, building, or landscape for mapping and planning.


Get Started with Commercial Drone Photography in Florida

The first step in our commercial drone photography process is meeting with us to go over our services and how they can best fit your needs. We’ll provide you with a timeline and ideal perspective for your project. Once we have an understanding of your needs for our commercial drone services, we will also give you a quote for services.

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